2 thoughts on “Trait self-control moderates the effects of priming mindfulness on aggressive behaviour”

  1. This is really fascinating! I wonder if looking at other individual difference moderators could also help to explain the effects of the prime? For example, how would people’s baseline mindfulness moderate the effects of the manipulation, or their self-esteem? Also, beautiful plots!


  2. Hi guys. I think it’s just wild that a prime as subtle as this would have any kind of effect, but that suggests that you’re really tapping into something. I think there were some findings early in the priming literature that in some circumstances (e.g., a clear mismatch between a prime and the subsequent stimulus) you can actually get a contrast effect. I wonder if that might help explain the surprising finding here. So, if the stimulus person were merely “irritating” or “somewhat rude” rather than obviously aggressive maybe you would get the opposite findings. This wouldn’t say too much theoretically about what exactly is being primed but it would clarify the boundary conditions of how such primes can affect reactions in different situations.


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