Local student wins publication prize!

A year ago a news release from the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, featured an article penned by one of our own graduate students, Amanda Ravary. The news blurb starts out:

“Picture the last time you walked through your local grocery store check-out line or scrolled through your social media newsfeed. One thing that you likely encountered is the pop cultural phenomenon of celebrity fat-shaming—that is, mocking or critical comments about weight. These critical messages about weight—especially a woman’s weight—are difficult to avoid…Can these fleeting, casual comments influence people’s private attitudes about body weight?”

You can read the rest of that news release here:


Now, a year later, Amanda will be presented this coming Friday (February 12, 2021) with the prestigious SPSP Student Publication prize!

Well done Amanda!

According to SPSP, Recipients of this prize receive a $400 honorarium and an accompanying plaque, which is presented at the annual Awards Ceremony held at the SPSP Annual Convention, as well as a complimentary one-year SPSP membership. You can read more about the Student Publication Prize for Amanda’s paper here


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