Conference 2021 Spring

In the Spring of 2021, plan to join us for another online conference hosted by the Identity and Social Relations team. Details on preparing and submitting your presentations (whether a symposium talk, or a poster, or a video summary of your work) will be distributed well in advance of the event.

We are proud to announce that our keynote speaker will be Professor Nour Kteily. Prof. Kteily received formative training as an undergraduate member of our team in Prof. Taylor’s lab and in Prof. Baldwin’s social cognition seminar, and then went on to complete his PhD at Harvard; he is now a faculty member at Northwestern University and has won multiple prestigious awards for his work on power hierarchies, outgroup dehumanization, and terrorism. We are confident that the opportunity to meet him and hear him speak will provide tremendous inspiration to the undergraduate and graduate students who are part of our team.