4 thoughts on “Diary study: Effects of daily fat-shaming experiences on attentional bias”

  1. I had similar thoughts as Jennifer and Lauren… how prevalent is this fat-shaming experience in ‘real-life’… also, did participants have the chance to describe what was their real-life experience of fat shaming… could this be coded, do you have some examples? Great poster! And like a good paper/book, it makes me what to know/learn more!


  2. Yes, very interesting! Also curious about the types of fat shaming experiences and the frequency. How commonly are people exposed to fat shaming experiences (whether directed at the self or at others)? And was it just a yes/no experience, or a more fine grained response option?


  3. Very interesting! I’m so curious–what kind of fat-shaming events did people report? Were the events directed toward the participant, or other people (e.g., being exposed to media celebrities being fat-shamed)? Also, did you look at whether there were any individual difference factors that moderated the effect? Self-esteem, BMI, etc.? Nice work!


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